UH-OH | Vilicia

Every day that passed her anxiety grew. She had taken all the precautions; she thought she had been safe. But here she was, three days into her scheduled menstrual cycle, but it had yet to show. Alicia was late. If she was late that pointed to one thing: pregnancy. She had taken the stupid contraception potion like the doctor had recommended. Godric, she couldn’t get pregnant right now. Her career was still in its own infant stages; she couldn’t quit or go on maternity leave. Of course she couldn’t be flying anymore if she was pregnant. Viktor and her had just moved in together; that was a big enough step for her at least. Sure she had discussed having a family with Viktor but that was only once and they agreed that it would be in the future when they had both agreed upon it, not have popping up out of the blue. Alicia had always pictured herself being married before she started having kids. This was definitely not in her plans.

Finally emerging from the bathroom, she slammed the door behind her. A growl of frustration rumbled from behind clenched teeth. What was she supposed to do if she was pregnant? With a throaty groan, she threw herself face first onto the couch. Her obscenities were muffled by the cushion. Alicia didn’t even feel like moving or complaining when she felt Quaffle kneading her lower back to make a bed for himself.

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